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Thread: The renovation as art project

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    Default The renovation as art project

    The artists Michael Elmgreen, left, and Ingar Dragset, once a couple but now just artistic partners, bought an old water-pumping station in a Berlin suburb and turned it into their home and studio.

    The exterior of the 1920s building, located in a Berlin suburb, remained relatively untouched. It had been empty since the early 1990s because nobody knew quite what to do with such an oversize hall stuck in the middle of a non-industrial location.

    In the great hall of the former water pumping station, platforms from which engineers supervised machinery are now used as mezzanine office space.

    The Renovation as Art Project - The New York Times > Home & Garden > Slide Show > Slide 11 of 12

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    Love the windows, but you can have the rest of it. Blech.

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    Looks like a sanatorium..

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    It was a work of art to begin with. Then they turned it into a shitpile.

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    It's a great building but doesn't seem to have made a full transition to a living space. Also, I wonder how they heat it.
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