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Thread: Delightfully ratty French Chateau

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    Default Delightfully ratty French Chateau

    "An absolutely charming country Chateau dating from 17th century with East and West 19th cent Wings and towers, set in over 7 acres with centuries old trees, nr the pretty bastide town of Monflanquin.Tastefully renovated and offering over 400m2 accommodation. 3 lovely bedroom suites, 2 further bedrooms, 4 spacious reception rooms, modern country kitchen.Wine cellars. 4 garages. Barn. Guardians cottage to renovate. A most delightful home in a glorious country setting." - some deluded and snooty real estate agent

    But slightly ratty, lol, which I find sort of charming....

    The West Wing

    The East Wing

    OMG, Turrets

    Here's where you put the pool:

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    i love it. what a gorgeous château.
    all the furniture except for the kitchen table must be tossed out and burned, and the bathroom has to be redone but it has great potential. i want it.
    also, it's in southwest france, not too far from bordeaux. beautiful region.
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    The kitchen and bathroom are rancid but the building is ok

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    I wouldn't want to live there, but perhaps stay there for a weekend or something.
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    Potential money pit-but nice.
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    Pretty nice, actually. I was expecting something much worse based on the word "ratty."

    I like the exposed timbers here and there, and the floors, the windows, the light, the stonework. Really lovely.
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    The outside is gorgeous, as is the space inside. But the decor is a big disappointment, and the bathroom sucks. So much more could be done with the place.
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