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Thread: Art, and a home, among the trees

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    Default Art, and a home, among the trees

    Ellen Cassilly, an architect, and her husband Frank Konhaus, the founder of an audiovisual firm, have built Cassilhaus — a combination primary residence, art gallery and artist’s studio — atop a slope overlooking the woodlands near Durham, N.C.

    Art, and a Home, Among the Trees - The New York Times > Home & Garden > Slide Show > Slide 11 of 12

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    Beautiful style, but no soul.

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    ^^ agree with the above - seems like no love in this home, it looks sterile.

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    i want it.

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    i love the house itself. i like most of the interior, but i'd have to get rid of the massive storage/entertainment unit in the living room (way too ikea and not in a good way), dining room furniture, that ugly sofa with the round thing in the back and the hideous bedspread. i'd also change the stair banister. but these are small changes, the house is spectacular and so are the surroundings.
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