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Thread: A time capsule on Staten Island

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    Default A time capsule on Staten Island

    Sorry, can't get the photos, but clicking on the slideshow below is really worth the the trouble! A really special house, a dream house, a spectacular preservation of house crafts. (The staircase - oooooooo)

    A Time Capsule - The New York Times

    A three-story, 24-room Victorian mansion in the Queen Anne style on Staen Island. The 4,500-square-foot showpiece, on the street known as Mud Lane (later rechristened St. Paulís Avenue), was outfitted with eight bedrooms, two kitchens and six fireplaces, each of a different design.

    Annieís bridal home included virtually every detail of Victorian domestic architecture ó hipped roofs, gables, fish-scale shingles, chimneys, bay windows, dormer windows, even a turret. Garlanding the exterior were a series of porches and balconies. Two dozen imported stained-glass windows, courtesy of the glass factory Mr. Weiderer owned, exploded with stars, sunbursts, crescent moons and floral designs pricked in luminous primary colors. Chestnut and oak paneling covered nearly every available inch of wall space.

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    Wow, really beautiful wood and stained glass window work. I like it, but don't like the drab brown palette of the exterior. Green red or blue might have looked much better. Any lighter, brighter color.

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    Very beautiful! I like that they are taking care of it and that it has young people and dogs once more. This is great-thank you for posting.
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