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Thread: Case Study House No. 22: The story behind L.A.'s original dream home

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    Default Case Study House No. 22: The story behind L.A.'s original dream home

    Case Study House No. 22 may be one of the most photographed homes in the world. Julius Shulman took this iconic shot of the house on the warm evening of May 9, 1960. The two young women seen chatting, Cynthia Tindle and Ann Lightbody, were not the owners but students whom Shulman recruited to be models. All the furnishings were staged for the shoot, supplied by furniture firm Van Keppel-Green – but only temporarily. “My mom told me she wished they would have left the furniture,” says Shari Stahl Gronwald, who grew up in the home. It was all part of the editor of Art & Architecture magazine’s Case Study House program to promote modernism. Many of the owners received cost breaks on building materials in exchange for allowing photos to run in the magazine. They were also required to open their doors to the public for a month.

    The view looking toward the kitchen shows its floating cooking and bar islands. Expanses of glass windows enclose the house on three sides and give the L-shape pavilion a 270-degree mountain-to-ocean panorama. A prefabricated fireplace acts as a focal point for the living room.

    C. H. “Buck” Stahl stands near a terrace he built at the back of his hillside property from concrete reclaimed from construction sites. “My dad spent almost every weekend for two years building walls around the property line,” son Mark Stahl says. “There’s only two levels of the back terrace left, but the rest of the wall is still there.”

    Case Study House No. 22: The story behind L.A.'s original dream home - 8. When Case Study House No. 22 is home (the fireplace) - Los Angeles Times

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    Is there still a dead baby on the kitchen counter?

    Love the view from this place though.
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    It's an amazing house but I don't think I would live there with small children.

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