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Thread: In Echo Park, a house that frames the landscape

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    Default In Echo Park, a house that frames the landscape

    When Jonathan Williams and Kim Pesenti bought their Los Angeles property in 2004, the couple were drawn to the vibrant street life of the Echo Park neighborhood but envisioned a rural retreat within. They liked a home that responded to the landscape rather than conquered it. “We didn’t want it to be imposing,” Williams says of their house. “We wanted it to be modest.” Though they had a half-acre of land to play with, their house is a smartly designed, 1,700-square-foot family retreat that preserves and meshes with its bucolic surroundings.

    In Echo Park, a house that frames the landscape - Echo Park home - Los Angeles Times

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    Doesn't Echo Park area have a lot of crime/gangs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    Looks like a trailer that crashed into the hillside.

    I like the use of windows to bring the outside in and I like the 'wild' garden, but this obsession with white everywhere is SO boring.
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    I don't mind it -I love the way the light streams in. I just wonder if 1700 sq.ft. isn't a tad small.
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