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Thread: A shared home in the Cascades

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    Default A shared home in the Cascades

    The Gaylords and the Worthingtons use the house they built and jointly own in Washington State on alternate weekends, except at Memorial Day, when they share it.
    They call the home Miner's Refuge, a reference to the valley's mineral heritage. A narrow sloping entryway plays on the idea of a mineshaft.

    A Shared Home in the Cascades - The New York Times > Great Homes and Destinations > Slide Show > Slide 10 of 11

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    I really don't like any of it. I'm not a fan of any sort of wood paneling on the walls.
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    i had a beavis and butthead moment when i saw that.

    i like the house. and i love their noguchi coffee table. hate the living room sofa though.
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