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    Default Welcome to the jungle

    In Central America, Spanish colonial architecture prevails. But the creeping tide of modernism—represented here by the home of architect José Roberto Paredes—is signaling that change is afoot

    Welcome to the Jungle - Slideshows - Dwell

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    Horridly fugly "artistic" design (it doesn't really deserve the name "design").
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    how is it 'artistic'?

    i think the house is gorgeous and mixes in well with the surroundings and the weather. i love how open it is on one side, while the other side is all cement. i bet the cement side is the side where the sun hits the hardest, so the cement probably has a cooling effect.
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    There are plenty of things i like about it. Like the way the rooms seem to open up to the outside - great views. I don't really care for the way the overall design looks from the outside, but it has enough awesome views to make up for that.

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