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Thread: A city escape from the country

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    Default A city escape from the country

    Mark and Adrianne Brewer and their three sons have transformed the Stone Farmhouse, in the countryside of Devonshire, into a retreat from everyday life in London.

    It took almost two years of work and substantial changes to turn this 1770s farmhouse into a 5,370-square-foot home with modern design touches and amenities.

    A City Escape From the Country - The New York Times > Great Homes and Destinations > Slide Show > Slide 10 of 11

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    I like the scenery outside and the staircase inside. That's about it for me.
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    I think I saw this on BBC world or something in Great Designs.
    Hmmm, not so great to me.
    I think the grassy roof of the garage is the best thing about it.
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    it's a gorgeous house and i love the stairs, the floors and that stone wall.
    the living room is hideous though. great stone fireplaces but those sofas look like they belong in an old lady's house.
    i like the dining table and chairs but not the ugly chandeliers and flower arrangement on the side table.
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    I like the openess of it. I also like that it's not crammed full of stuff, it doesn't need to be.

    Happy trails to you...until we meet again.
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