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Thread: Tree stump removal??

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    Default Tree stump removal??

    There's a tree stump in my backyard that I keep tripping over and I'd like to remove it. Its about 6 inches in diameter. But I was looking at photos of tree taproots, and they can be massive.

    Is this going to turn out to be a huge undertaking or should it just be project for a few hours?

    If I'm going to be getting into something like this, then I'll see if I can get someone else to do it:

    What do you all think? Has anyone on here dug up a tree stump?

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    This is the job for the professionals. They have special equipment for the job which, like you say, isn't as simple as it looks. I don't think it's expensive but get a quote. Alternatively saw the stump as close to ground level as possible and put a large pot or ornament over it.
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    You can have someone do it or rent a stump grinder. Either way should be less than $100. Or, you can get stuff from Lowes that will rot the stump. You have to drill holes into the stump, pour this chemical in there and wait. I don't think it's a fast process.

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    I'd go with a stump grinder...just call a tree service and they should have a person that would do it for you.

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    Go pro.
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    6 inches in diameter? Easy. It's nothing.

    I do this all the time. Buy a hand tree limb saw. It will be about 8 inches long and curved, cost $10-12 at most, at any hardware store.

    Saw the stump off at ground level, might take ten minutes at most and some elbow grease. After you've sawed it off flat with the ground, attack the remainder of the stump with an axe (a very exhilarating activity). If it is a freshly cut down tree, the stump should split into bits after some whacking wallops with the axe.

    After you've whacked the stump to bits, you can either 1) dig up the roots and stump remnants now or 2) leave it to rot over the winter and dig up the remainder of the stump and roots next spring after they've had some time to decay.

    Even if you never dig it up, having sawed it off flush with the surface will stop you from ever tripping over the stump again.

    6 inches is small. This is not a tough job.

    P.S. The above recommendation is variable depending on what kind of tree you're dealing with and how green it is.

    Green wood is much easier to saw and hack with than dead wood, which becomes hardened. Also some trees have a denser harder wood than others, i.e. an oak will be a tougher job than softer wooded pine.

    Still, you should be able to deal with this yourself with two tools (limb saw and an axe) and some Saturday afternoon effort.
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