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Thread: Buying a new couch... need help

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    Default Buying a new couch... need help

    I am going to buy a new couch, as by sleeping on my current one I have ruined it.

    My Living room is about 13 by 17, with medium dark paneling(remember it is a mobile home) and a blue/grey carpeting(very neutral actually). Most everything furniture wise is wooden also(tables, curio cabinets, desks, etc), and any color is from plants(green), pictures, and built-in bookcases(filled with colorful books). Couch right now is neutral(a blend of colors). I would say the main accent colors are red and green, with some blue.

    It is a very 'warm' color scheme, the only white being on the ceiling, and where the (very nice) white wooden blinds are on the windows, and the white chair by the sofa.

    I want to get something that is nice, but not too nice so I can (yeah) still sleep on it, and something that will add some color.

    Any ideas? I was thinking actually of a red couch, something durable and sturdy. Do you think that would work? Would it look weird next to a white chair? Too 'warm' colory?

    any Ideas? I think I need one 'bold' big colorful focal point to 'take away' from the damn 'wood' look.

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    Get leather. Indestructable and wipe off any spills!

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    I like the red idea. Go with that.

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    Love the bold red idea! Just do it!
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