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Thread: Refinishing a wood patio set - any tips?

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    Default Refinishing a wood patio set - any tips?

    I've acquired a beautiful wooden patio set (4 chairs + table) but it was left out in the rain and snow for ages. The finish has long since worn off, and the wood is pretty mildewed in places. The grain is also cracked in places. But it has so much potential, so I've undertaken this project to fix it. I may regret it.

    Here's my game plan:
    1) Clean off with this mold/mildew stain remover
    2) Sand off the old finish, and smooth out the grain (its been water-damaged and the grain is raised)

    I tried to stain it directly after that, and it came out all uneven. The guy at Home Depot recommended a wood conditioner before the stain. So I'm going to try that.

    But then there's the issue of using wood filler to fill in the cracks. Does anyone know if I do that before the wood conditioner, or after?

    Any other tips for this project? Thanks guys!

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    Make the Home Depot guy your new best friend. He will know for sure about the filler. This sounds like a great project.
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    I would use wood filler after the conditioner, but the Home Depot guy may now more.

    You will probably need 2 coats of stain. I've refinished wood before, here's the steps.

    After you apply your first coat of stain, it will raise the wood grain a bit and make it rough. Lightly sand with light grit paper, clean off with tack cloth, and apply coat number 2. On the spots where it needs to even out, let the stain sit a little longer then wipe it off.

    After 2 coat stain, I recommend another light sanding, maybe with steel wool instead of sandpaper. Wipe down and do first coat of poly. Once dry, with steel wool again, lightly sand any imperfections then finish with a final coat of poly.

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