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Thread: An Austin green home

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    Default An Austin green home

    When planning a new home, the owners of a home in Texas wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous views in the neighborhood. Thus, a three-story, 3,100-square-foot home was envisioned for a steep hillside in Austin. The public areas of the home, such as the living and dining areas, are located on the top floor, where the family and guests can gaze out at the stunning views. The house's expansive glass walls not only encourage gazing, but also provide natural lighting for the home, minimizing the use of electricity.
    This home's cutting-edge look and smart, eco design shows that green building is compatible with any number of designs, whether they be traditional or modern.
    For many more photos, as well as information on the green features of the home, read more.
    Rated a four-star (out of a possible five stars) project by the Austin Energy Green Building Rating System, the home boasts a number of green features in the design itself, including passive heating and cooling and daylighting. Water-saving features include low-flush toilets and waterwise landscaping, and electricity is saved through the use of fluorescent lighting, a high-efficiency water pump, and Energy Star-compliant washer, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The home also used low formaldehyde insulation, double pane LowE windows, sustainable lumber, and non-toxic/low-VOC finishes and paints.

    Coveted Crib: An Austin Green Home | modern, green building, eco | CasaSugar - Home & Garden

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    The photographer of these Austin homes should be fired! We need harizontal views to get the feel of a home-not vertical.
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    I quite like it from what I can make out from it.
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    the house itself isn't too bad but their furniture seriously sucks balls.
    and those are some of the ugliest bathrooms i've seen in ages.
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    absolutely hate the bathroom
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    not my style.

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    No, the only thing I can stand is the architecture of the house.
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