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Thread: Tori Spelling has public yard sale and invites shoppers to "Take Some Tori Home"

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    Dancing on your grave!!!!
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    Well, she has now moved on to hosting her own "pay to attend" birthday party. LOL

    Tori Spelling didn’t want gifts; she just wanted your money for her birthday

    People paid $300 to go to Tori Spelling's birthday soiree, and no, we're not kidding

    Birthday parties — a great idea. But what could make them even better? What about charging every guest at your birthday party and making some cold, hard cash out of it?

    Tori Spelling has locked in to a brand new way to make a whole lot of money thanks to her 43rd birthday party celebration. According to Us Weekly, Spelling celebrated her birthday in a Danish castle with her husband, four kids, and 150 strangers who each paid $300 for entry.

    That means she made $45,000, all from local Danes paying for the privilege of partying with Spelling and her family — and not even on a golden birthday! Chances are, some of that money went to the venue and to pay for the party. But I bet Spelling is at least going to buy herself something special this year with all the money she "earned" from "working hard" at her own birthday celebration.

    Us Weekly has the official Instagram invite for local Danes to come party with the former reality star. (pic at link)

    There was even a red carpet, so the Los Angeles-based birthday girl could really feel at home.

    They even brought gifts!
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    Yuck. I don't even have words. Tacky? Shameless? Greedy? Yuck.
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    Get a fucking job, Tori!
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    150 strangers who each paid $300
    What the hell is wrong with these people?
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    What a total loser. Shameful. Ridiculous that anyone paid.

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    How would she even make money? Out of $45,000 she'd have to pay to hire the castle, cater for the party and fly her entire pasty-faced family over (and I doubt she'd fly cattle class). She is so desperate.
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