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Thread: Sharon Osbourne gives the gift of feces

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    You can bet it was her own. After reading her book. I KNOW it would have to be her own. She can be very gross. But she is great.

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    Thanks to NaudleZouss for giving me the gift of laughter on a bad day. I will remember these words when I am having a bad time at work.
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    OOMGZZ IM POPULAR!!!!111!!1!!!!one!!

    tee hee. you're welcome.
    2 years...

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    Sharon Osborne herself is "a piece of feces", in my humble opinion. Can't stand that yapping woman. And i don't believe a single word that comes spewing out of that vulgar crass woman's mouth, anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NawdleZouss View Post
    I hope piranhas tear her vagina to shreds in the near future.
    Vagina Piranhas

    I love this image. Have been lmao in my office. Another thanks to NawdleZouss.
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