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Thread: Princess Beatrice and boyfriend put on a 'steamy' show of affection

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    all bound for Koo-Koo Land.....


    ^^^ Wow, Mrs Dark! Good for you. You were probably one of the few not panicking at your reunion

    I'm afraid I've been taking the more traditional route of getting heavier and flabbier as the years roll by myself.

    However, as this is the last year of my 30s, I have launched a big get-in-shape programme. I want to look so much better for my big Four-Oh!!

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    Are they allowed to have sex with their boyfriends?

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    Now that's a good question! I shouldn't think it would matter, seeing as they're quite a few points away from the throne. And aren't there other princesses out there who are "wild" acting? Maybe not exactly whores, but teens having fun the way most do now (only with tons more money) which usually includes having sex with at least whoever they're dating steady. Stuff that would have been unthinkable for say, Elizabeth I when she was young. Or maybe even had Charles and Diana had a daughter.
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    She is slightly overweight.

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    I hope they remember the number 1 rule: no glove, no love!

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