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Thread: Mel Gibson stunned by forgiveness

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    you already know.


    this thread has officially died!

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    a backwards hillbilly state


    And who made the last post before you pronounced it dead? ME that's who. Yeah, I said it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SunShine23 View Post
    ... but, since Mel made 300 mill on passion, he doesnt need studio backing, which is why he doesnt care what he says. he can finance his own movies...
    Exactly that's Hollyweird for you. They only care about money and profit. You can do whatever you want as a movie star (except child molestation, rape and murder) AND STILL come out shining in the end. There'll forgive just about anything.

    Whats the bets that this picture will get some award nominations, now that its awards season? And whats the bets that it'll win something? Nothing about Hollyweird surprises me anymore.

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