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Thread: Katie Couric slapped staffer after being forced to hear the word "Sputum"

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    ^Me too! Then I'm going to slap her for saying "EEN" instead of "ING" when she pronounces gerunds.

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    Katie needs to get laid.
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    Somehow, slapping some guy on the arm because she doesn't like his word choice doesn't seem to help the womens movement or whatever it is Katie is trying to do. I never heard about Dan Rather acting like a bratty little schoolgirl.

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    I've always had an urge to slap her silly. And I've been thinking about gerunds for days! I looked it up, but I still see a little tailed creature with big eyes... Maybe Katie could be kidnapped by Gerunds and be fed to their cute little fanged babies...
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    sputum is part of testing for TB. Her and her ginormous uglyass smile can kiss my ass
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    Quote Originally Posted by RevellingInSane View Post
    She does not like the word sputum? Would she prefer loogie? She was smart, she hit a guy, knowing he probably would not have hit her back. I want her to slap some crazy bitch. Watch that disgusting smile get knocked off her face.
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