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Thread: Hunter Tylo suing

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    I wondered if it was Hunter as well, but it's definitely her. I've seen similar photos of her around that time. Also found this collage:

    She looked amazing a couple of years ago and should have stopped there. It's a shame as she has wrecked her face.
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    The gortex lip graft never looks natural. And those (*)(*), scream Dr Rey 90210...ridiculous!

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    she has had ALOT of surgeries. i remember in the 80's she was on the soap opera "all my children" her character stole greg's train ticket. now when i saw her years later she had changed her looks and her name. i believe her name is debra. i think she looks ridiculous. it looks like too many surgeries. her lips and nose look weird. she was not that thin years ago either.well that is what america calls beauty. deformed looking lips and a botched looking nose. sad...

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    I wouldn't click on that link for love or money.
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