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Thread: Howard K Stern: "I am NOT the Father"

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    Me neither.

    And you're right Novice, the Bahamas do have to follow their own laws, but in view of the facts and implications in this entire case, they should be going in for temporary custody of the child until the legal matters are resolved. Obviously the Bahamian government is not above being paid off to look the other way and/or do someone's bidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mira View Post
    No, it's the DNA issue. He's still refusing to go to California to do the DNA test. Birkhead's attorney is confident he'll be ordered to go. The article says it thinks he'll commit suicide. I'm seriously concerned that he could do something very irrational like kill the baby and then himself. That's not over-reaction either. Stranger things have happened. HKS is a cornered animal at the moment.

    Since day one I've been thinking Howard will off himself.
    I hope and pray he leaves that innocent baby out of it, but with a selfish unaccountable prick like him you just never know.

    Even though I think Virgie Arthur is an evil witch I can't blame the woman for fearing for her grandbaby's safety.

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