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Thread: Here's the whole story on Hollywood Private Eye to the stars Anthony Pellicano...

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    Later in the interview, Pellicano reveals that when he agreed to work for Jackson during the star’s 1993 child-molestation case, he warned Jackson that he’d better not be guilty. “I said, ‘You don’t have to worry about cops or lawyers. If I find out anything, I will f--k you over.’ ” The detective took the assignment, but says, “I quit because I found out some truths…He did something far worse to young boys than molest them.” But he refuses to say anything more about it.
    This part doesn't make sense at all. He says he will destroy Jackson if he finds evidence that Jackson was guilty. Then, he supposedly finds something WORSE, and Pellicano does NOTHING?

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    What is worse than being molested??

    Keith Carradine's ex wife? Well.

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