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Thread: Drunken Kirsten Dunst.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorahacky View Post
    She looks equally craptastic in both pix. At least if she's drunk, she won't feel the pain when she looks in the mirror.
    Ahhh ha ha haa!! Drinking will also make her think she's worth the money and fame despite generic talent and average looks.

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    WTF happened to this she the next rehab victim???

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    Not beautiful at all. Most of the time she looks downright homely and gross.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByRDi View Post
    Jeez, desperate for a story. She really doesn't bother me. I'm not a fan, but hell, once in a while being shit-faced in public is permissable. She didn't drive herself did she? If not, that's all good and groovy, as long as I don't hear about it every week.

    I think she's an alright girl. Loved her in Dropdead Gorgeous and The Virgin Suicides.

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