Okay, now in THIS thread: Fight is over. No one intends these things to happen. Crazy N Nuts and Voodoo Child are both awesome people, and they were human and got angry. It happens.

We did start a lively discussion, I think on the other thread, about whether these Brad/Ang/Jen threads really DO inspire more conflict and what we can do about that. Please give your two cents if you think that there should be a moratorium on BAJ threads or whatever. I think it's on the bday party thread, we were all over last night.... <yawning>

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Yeah, I beenz bizzie givin blow jobz all over town.

But shit, mah jawz gettinz all stretched out 'n' all. Better givez mahsel a restz or I'll have chinz to rival Jenz!!!!!

<<<I've had a few days on holiday, been decorating and now I've got a cold and feel quite tired...blech! I'm quite erratic with my internet use. It's all or nothing sometimes But it's good to see you're still keeping the faith, Gen X EJC!!!! >>>
Aww u no feel well?? that maks me sad face cuz you my favwitest ho bsides me. Yah better wach it wit da blow jobs, no wanna gt the herps col sorz or nuttin! Biggr chin would be OK cuz den u couldz jus knok da menz out before da blow job and takes all der $$$$.