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Thread: Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in Las Vegas

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayYoung&Pretty View Post
    Oh my lord... wow. After everything thats gone on with Britney, after all the bad press.... nothing made me turn against her. But now that shes hanging out with banned, well, I'm no longer a fan.

    Plus, I dont care if shes single and sexy again, shes a mother now, have some decency and give the partying and the slutty attire a rest.
    Same here.She's overstepping it.
    bite me spidey
    Originally Posted by DevilDoll2025
    I thought she didn't trust nannies anymore. who's watching her kids?
    How is this going to look when she goes to court and starts her 'i'm a good mother' speech.

    It'll look terrible until she starts writing a check for a couple million. People are so easily manipulated/paid off.

    I hope they give her the kids but still shake her a bit for partying -and with banned!!!-I mean, it's like that Maddona episode revisited..only this time not with a musical icon just with that walking STD.

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    wtf is wrong with her??? Go from one fame whore to another??? God she must be stupid, Kevin then Paris? This girl needs to be schooled on what a user is.
    "Shit, I think I just confused myself. QUICK! Somebody hand me chalk, a chalkboard and Will Hunting's brain!" michael k -dlisted

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