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Thread: Bobby Brown impregnates his girlfriend after telling her he had a vasectomy

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    Why does he have so many kids, who are the other baby mamas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glamazon View Post
    I don't even want to know the thought process - that man doesn't make the cutest of babies...
    No, he surely does not!

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    OMG you still wear a condom you retard!! HOW DUMB ARE PEOPLE?

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    I can understand being angry at the deception. However, it's not like she has to have or even keep the baby.

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    Now that's nice of him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    So, what (if anything) does Bobby get from the divorce. If I had to guess, Whitney was much in love with him and probably didn't have him sign a prenup and heaven knows they lasted longer than anyone ever thought they would - so does he get anything from Whitney or not???
    Mel, From what i've read (don't remember where; one of the magazines like Us--who knows how accurate it was), Whitney doesn't really have any money anymore either. The article explained that since Whitney doesn't write any of her songs, she doesn't make anywhere near the kind of money that artists who write & record their own songs, make. My understanding from the article is that she was paid money back when she signed her record contracts, and made money off the sales of her albums, but she doesn't get royalties, like songwriters do. Of course, she still made a LOT of money. But apparently she's squandered pretty much all her money away--probably mostly on drugs--and her fortune is gone. And since she hasn't had a hit album in years, and her albums don't sell much anymore, she hasn't had any substantial income coming in for quite a few years now. (--According to the article i read.) So if this is true, then there doesn't seem like much for Bobby to get, in the divorce settlement. Hope that help answers your question; sorry to end up writing an essay!
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