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Thread: Bindi Irwin and The Wiggles! [gag]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweets View Post
    She also has grown up living inside a zoo - hardly a 'normal' childhood so people shouldnt expect her to be doing anything differently. She's doing what she enjoys and I don't feel that she is in anyway being pushed by her mother.
    Oh but how do you know that she loves it. For that matter how does she knows she really loves her life if this is all she's known, being shoved in front of a camera with zilions watching while she behaves like a trained seal. A big part of childhood is trying all sorts of new experiences so you can start to sort out who exactly you are and what you want and like. She's never had the opportunity to do that IMHO. Trouble down the road. What happens when she's in her thirties and realizes how much she missed by the way she was raised?

    Feeling very mojoless lately Edie so I guess I'll concede the bad boy Wiggle to you.

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    Aww, thanks, Gator. Besides, you've already got Mr. Gator, so it can't be too much of a loss.

    I must also echo Gator, because I think Bindi is Ok with being pranced around in front of the camera like a trained seal because she has been TOLD, it is great, and because she knows nothing else. Since she's home-schooled, she probably has very little exposure to kids her age who have more normal lives.

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    If you watch or read any interview with Terri Irwin now she will trot out "Oh Bindi is getting back to normal, she is filming her new show and filming more amazing stories, blah blah" so 'filming' is what's normal in that household before and after Steve's untimely death. It may be OK now but sooner or later that kid is going to Burn Out because of the immense burden of expectation that's being placed on her young shoulders.
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    Can't articulate it, but this seems very inappropriate.
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