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Thread: Heidi Klum's German show flops

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    Default Heidi Klum's German show flops

    Supermodel HEIDI KLUM's new TV show GERMANY'S NEXT TOP MODEL flopped on it's debut last night after being soundly beaten in the ratings by rival networks.

    TV bosses hoped the show - a German version of the American hit - plus Klum, would attract hordes of viewers.

    But it managed just fourth place behind CSI, DIE SUPER NANNY and a repeat of crime show DER BULLE VIB TOELZ.

    A recent poll of Germans suggested the nation is tiring of the statuesqe catwalk queen.

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    Default Re: Heidi Klum's German show flops

    A message for Heidi:

    ♫` ∴|| ~∞≠∝ ♫♪ $ -4C

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