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Thread: Jordan denies marriage on the rocks

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    Default Jordan denies marriage on the rocks

    Jordan: "It's all lies!"
    After a topsy-turvy, swizzly-swervy weekend dominated by whale welfare and misbehaving politicians, we're glad to see that at least one desperately shocking national news story proved to be untrue. Yes folks, you'll doubtless be as relieved as we are to hear that - despite Sunday tabloid headlines to the contrary - the marriage between Jordan and Peter Andre is most definitely not in trouble.

    Following a front-page story claiming that the pair are being torn apart by a series of terrible arguments, everyone's favourite glamour girl insists that things are just hunky-dory, thank you very much. "We're very happy and very in love!" she told the Daily Star. "And our relationship has been great, especially since we've been married. It's been even better since that day. I feel so complete now!"

    Poor Pete is also said to be fuming over allegations that Jordan is the main breadwinner. "Pete pays his way and is a very proud man," the couple's spokesperson insists. "He bought their Bentley and he is having their house built in Cyprus with his money." Hang on - Cyprus? Surely our favourite celebrity couple aren't about to up and leave these shores - we've only just got over losing Posh and Becks to Madrid.

    Rest assured, however, that the house in question is just a holiday home - and the couple are planning to visit Cyprus next weekend to see how it's coming along. After that, Pete's going on a tour of Asia while Jordan is off to Hollywood to film her first movie role. Oh, and they're planning to buy a pink helicopter together. Does that sound like a marriage in trouble? Does it hell!
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    Default Re: Jordan denies marriage on the rocks

    her marriage wont last more than three years anyway.

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