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Thread: Police say they'll arrest Cocaine Kate if and when she returns to UK

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    Default Police say they'll arrest Cocaine Kate if and when she returns to UK

    Police fury as cocaine beauty won't come back to Britain
    By Jeff Edwards, Chief Crime Correspondent
    POLICE have threatened to handcuff Kate Moss when she arrives back in Britain.

    They are furious the model, 32, keeps dodging their requests that she fly home to be quizzed about her cocaine use.

    Kate - who has enjoyed a round-the-world jaunt since the Mirror exposed the scandal - could now be arrested when she does return.


    Model's good life as police wait to quiz her
    KATE Moss has been enjoying a party lifestyle around the world for four months rather than face a police grilling here over her drug taking.

    The shamed supermodel has flown almost 35,000 miles between Europe, America and the Caribbean since the Daily Mirror revealed her cocaine addiction in September.


    Luxury holidays on the paradise island of Necker and in Aspen, Colorado, followed lucrative modelling assignments in Ibiza, New York and St Barts.

    And while globe-trotting Kate, 32, enjoyed the good life and set up home in exclusive Malibu in California, frustrated detectives wait to question her in London, believing she has started behaving like a "fugitive".

    She has repeatedly dodged their requests to return after emerging from rehab at the Meadows clinic in Arizona in October.

    The police probe began after we pictured mum-of-one Kate snorting cocaine at a recording studio in West London with then boyfriend Pete Doherty, who yesterday pleaded guilty to four drugs charges.

    When the story broke, Kate was staying with the Babyshambles singer at the fashionable New York Mercer hotel. She has not set foot in Britain since.

    Her 34,476-mile timetable reads like a list of exclusive worldwide holiday hotspots:

    September 15: Daily Mirror shows Kate taking coke at London studios.

    September 28: She checks into the exclusive Meadows drugs rehab clinic in Arizona.

    October 28: After intensive therapy she goes into hiding with friends in Los Angeles.

    November 7: Kate is snapped enjoying a massage in Ibiza while on her first modelling assignment after her addiction was made public.

    November 14: She is back in New York on another modelling job.

    November 16: Kate returns to Europe for the first time since the revelations for a photoshoot in Barcelona for jewellers Bvlgari.

    November 28: The hectic schedule continues with a modelling assignment on the Caribbean island of St Barts.

    December 13: Kate has lunch with Hollywood beauty Lindsay Lohan in posh restaurant Mr Chow in LA.

    December 25: She spends Christmas with three-year-old daughter Lila Grace on Richard Branson's paradise Caribbean island Necker.

    January 2 2006: Kate is pictured with new boyfriend Jamie Burke on the ski slopes of Aspen in Colorado where she has spent the New Year.

    January 13: On to New York where she is back to her partying best, treating clubbers to a pole dancing show at strip club Scores.

    January 19: She returns to Malibu where she is living with her daughter.

    Stay-away Kate's antics have not impressed the police who have warned her she faces arrest if and when she comes back to Britain. "We now think she may have no plans to return in the near future," a source told the Daily Mirror.

    "It means when she does eventually come back we may have to take a very different attitude towards her."

    It seems Kate is in no hurry to pack her suitcases and leave the white sands of Malibu, and the seven bedroom home once owned by Elizabeth Taylor she rents for £25,000-a-week.

    She could have taken a deal to walk voluntarily into a police station with lawyers to be formally interviewed under caution but now faces the humiliation of arrest.

    A senior police officer said: "We now think she is starting to behave like a fugitive. If she has nothing to hide she should come back and deal with the matter sensibly.

    "We have made a very fair offer for her to come back and surrender herself for interview voluntarily but there has been absolutely no response at all."

    Scotland Yard's determination to fully investigate the matter stems from Commissioner Sir Ian Blair's vow to take a tough stand against "the celebrity cult of drug users".

    When he took office last February he promised to get tough on music stars, sports heroes and wealthy young professionals who use drugs with little fear of arrest.

    A close colleague of Sir Ian said: "He thinks these people are taking the rise and believe their celebrity and wealth puts them beyond the law.

    "He is determined to get tough with people who are role models for whole generations of youngsters."

    Six days after the Mirror's exposŽ Kate, 31, said "sorry" in a grovelling public apology to try to save her career. "I take full responsibility for my actions," she said.

    It is a statement she has yet to make good on.

    Meanwhile, Doherty, 26, yesterday admitted possession of heroin, crack cocaine, morphine and cannabis when he appeared before Thames magistrates in East London. He was bailed and will be sentenced on February 8.
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    Default Re: Police say they'll arrest Cocaine Kate if/when she returns to UK

    I think the police would've been smarter to stick with their 'we just want to talk' angle, now she definitely won't be going home.

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    Default Re: Police say they'll arrest Cocaine Kate if and when she returns to UK

    What is her citizenship?

    She may have to eventally have to go back to the UK.
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