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Thread: New Info On Britney Spears Sex Tape

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    Default New Info On Britney Spears Sex Tape

    Lifted this from today. Warning, if you're eating you might want to stop before reading below.

    Here's the inside scoop... I haven't personally seen the tape but a good friend is close with the producer who edited the Chaotic tapes. A messenger dropped a bunch of them off at his office one day and within an hour he had a call from Britney's lawyers threatening that he was NOT to open the package under any circumstances, there was something in there that wasn't part of the project and they were coming over to retrieve it. Of course he immediately located the tape in question, called a bunch of friends over and they watched it. According to reports from those who viewed it, it's absolutely true that it was nasty in more ways than one. Britney wanted all kinds of angles to "see what she looks like naked." The worst part is they said it wasn't Brit who was bleeding, it was Kevin's STD infested penis that was bleeding. And Britney is so clueless that she was like, "Oh no, are you alright, honey? I'm sorry that it hurts, is it my fault?" YOU STUPID HO, he has an STD and you are pregnant and probably contracting it as well as giving it to your unborn baby! Grosser than even the rumors portray it to be. So there's the real scoop, at least as I heard it...

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