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Thread: Madonna rules the European charts

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    Default Madonna rules the European charts

    MADONNA continues her domination of the European charts - she remains on top of both the continent's singles and albums best-seller lists.

    The MATERIAL GIRL's HUNG UP is spending its ninth successive week at number one on the singles chart, while its parent album CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR climbs a place to put it back atop the albums chart.

    Elsewhere in the singles chart, THE BLACK EYED PEAS' MY HUMPS sits at number two, while MATTAFIX's BIG CITY LIFE climbs two places to number three.

    EMINEM's WHEN I'M GONE falls a place to number four, and JUANES is at number five with LA CAMISA NEGRA.

    In the albums chart, JAMES BLUNT moves up a place to number two with BACK TO BEDLAM, while ROBBIE WILLIAMS' INTENSIVE CARE is at number three.

    THE STROKES' FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH is at number four, and Eminem's hit compilation CURTAIN CALL is at number five.

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    Default Re: Madonna rules the European charts people enjoy the music of an elderly woman making suggestive sexual movements? Does anyone on this board appreciate her dance moves where she is thrusting and grinding her body around and being held by young men? Is that good to watch?
    I think she is sickening. I dont even hear what she is singing or how her songs go, cos when I see the video on MTV I stare for a while at her repulsive actions and then whinge about how disgusting it is. Its all to do with age I think. If she was 22 and doing that, it would not bother me in the slightest. Everyone is hot for it at that age and its acceptable. But no way....not ever for a woman 2 years off 50. Its like being tongue kissed by your grandmother......

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    Default Re: Madonna rules the European charts

    Cheray, you funny!!! I friggin' hate that song. It's horrible.

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