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Thread: Hurley wants to turn Taj Mahal pink for beast cancer awareness

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    Default Hurley wants to turn Taj Mahal pink for beast cancer awareness

    Liz Hurley wants to turn the Taj Mahal pink - to raise breast cancer awareness.

    The stunning actress is set to give the magnificent Indian palace the shocking makeover as part of a massive charity benefit for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

    Hurley has reportedly already contacted the Indian government to put forward her unusual request.

    She is quoted by America's New York Post newspaper as saying: "I am trying to get hold of someone in India who could help me. I want to do a huge benefit next year in Agra at the Taj Mahal where we turn the Taj pink for Breast Cancer Awareness".

    However, Hurley - who is rumoured to be engaged to Indian businessman Arun Nayar - does not want to paint or dye the famous building pink but aims to create the effect with carefully placed lights.

    The 'Bedazzled' star got involved with the charity after two of her close friends were forced to have mastectomies - the complete removal of a breast - to beat the life-threatening disease.

    Hurley also recently revealed her grandmother died from breast cancer - after she discovered a lump but refused to have it examined for years.

    She said: "When my grandmother found her lump, she didn't tell anyone for a few years. I really hope we can be so loud and so annoying to everybody that it won't happen with anyone else's grandmother, mother, or, God forbid, anyone younger".

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    Ugh, fuck her.

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    The 'Bedazzled' star
    LOL, she's so untalented they identify her with a five year old movie.

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