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Thread: Macaulay Culkin writes a scary family saga

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    Default Macaulay Culkin writes a scary family saga
    January 9, 2006

    Macaulay Culkin still finds it risky staying home alone but, at age 25, his chief threat may be himself.
    Though he has survived child stardom to become a serious actor, it seems the thought of taking his own life has crossed his mind. At least, that's a conclusion you could draw reading his auto-biographical novel, "Junior."

    Culkin's alter ego, Junior, keeps a cup of pills in a closet. "Sometimes when I've had enough to drink I take them out of their protective closet and let them roll around my fingers," he writes. "I wonder if I should take them. If I could "I could cut my wrists. If you're really serious about doing a thing like that. There's a million ways to do it. I prefer my cup of pills."

    Junior tends to ramble and lose his train of thought. But he keeps returning to his father, the failed actor who wanted his son to be the star he never was.

    Mac describes the novel's Kit Culkin stand-in as both "a loving man who looked out for the best interest of his family" and "a cold-blooded bastard who ripped my family apart from the inside out."

    Culkin writes about a party a teenage Junior throws for his friends in a suite at a fancy hotel one weekend, when they make a slight mess of the place.

    "My father woke me up by dragging me out of bed by my face," the "Good Son" star writes. "But my father didn't beat me in front of my friends, because that would have been embarrassing. Instead he lined all of my friends up at the front door, pulled out his wallet, and one by one he handed each of them a fresh twenty-dollar bill and told them never to speak to me again. And the kicker was they took it."

    Junior also says: "My father liked to hit things. His favorite thing to hit was my mother. He hurt her a lot."

    Once, as the family strolled down a street, Culkin writes, "Father got very angry and began shamelessly beating my mother over the head over and over again with his fist right in front of everyone on the street."

    Because of his family troubles, Junior attests, he "learned how to read court papers when I was 14 years old."

    When he was 13, he was frightened by a mob of paparazzi on a press line. "So I did what my gut was telling me to do: I ran." After thundering jeers from the photographers, Junior's father forced him back on the red carpet.

    "The mob of photographers didn't cheer when I returned, of course. They just yelled, 'Do that chicken dance, monkey boy!' and I obliged, knowing that they were killing any speck of joy I used to have for my work."

    Kit Culkin couldn't be reached for comment. "Junior," from Miramax Books, hits stores in March.
    Scariest Halloween mask ever > > >

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    Default Re: Macaulay Culkin writes a scary family saga

    does anyone really care about him anymore?

    if he wrote it himself, good for him, writing is a very difficult thing to do

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    Default Re: Macaulay Culkin writes a scary family saga

    If I ever come across the book, I am sure I would buy it.

    The kid had/has talent. I remember his family's troubles being in the news all the time when he was a boy. I thought it was sad. He always seemed like such a sad little boy. You could see it in his eyes.

    Growing up with an abusive parent..and being in the limelight the way he was; that has to traumatize you. I hope he puts his past way behind him and moves on.

    I would love to see a come back for him.

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    Default Re: Macaulay Culkin writes a scary family saga

    I think this screams "Menendez brother in the making..."

    ♫` ∴|| ~∞≠∝ ♫♪ $ -4C

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    Default Re: Macaulay Culkin writes a scary family saga

    i would read it to. i think macaulay and kieran are good actors. imdb has a quote of kieran saying: "I certainly had a better, less hectic life than Mac. He took all the pressure at home and on movie sets. My dad basically left me alone because I wasn't making enough money to warrant his scrutiny"
    that's really is sad, for everyone involved

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    Default Re: Macaulay Culkin writes a scary family saga

    It's really sad. I think most great actors come from very disturbing child hoods or have had some trauma in their lives. They are able to draw from these experiences and express all different emotions. It's pretty hard to cry at will especially in front of a gang of people waiting.

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