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Thread: Ozzy Osbourne's hero son

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    Default Ozzy Osbourne's hero son

    Ozzy Osbourne says his greatest hero - is his son Jack is his hero.
    The ageing rocker thinks the 20-year-old - who recently quit drugs and turned his life around - is "fantastic".

    He said: "When Jack came out of rehab, he switched his addiction to food - which is pretty normal - then one day he turned to me and said, 'You know what? I'm going to lose weight. I'm going to Thai box and I'm going to get a TV show'. And he did. He looks great. He's my hero. I learn more from him than he could ever learn from me. He's fantastic."

    Meanwhile, Ozzy has admitted shopping with wife Sharon could drive him back to drink and drugs.
    The 57-year-old told Britain's Heat magazine: "I f***ing hate shopping. I hate it. Especially with my wife. If anything was to drive me back to drink and
    drugs, it would be going shopping with Sharon for the day."

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    Default Re: Ozzy Osbourne's hero son

    I guess only women and gay men really love to shop.

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    Default Re: Ozzy Osbourne's hero son

    hmmm, I wonder if Sharon tries on clothes and asks Ozzy if her ass looks big.
    Scariest Halloween mask ever > > >

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