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Thread: Naomi Watts pregnant?

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    Default Naomi Watts pregnant?

    Is it baby time for seven-month couple Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts? The "King Kong" actress was spotted by the Sydney Morning Herald visiting a Chinese herbalist and acupuncture specialist who specializes in fertility.

    Schreiber and Watts, who are vacationing in Sydney, have lately been the focus of engagement rumors.

    "We are perfect for each other," Watts told Hello! magazine. "I like someone thoughtful, serious and intelligent, but I also want him to be fun and silly. He has to be able to make me laugh if a man can do that, he's pretty well got me."
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    Default Re: Naomi Watts preggers?

    "...and he has to be able to climb skyscrapers and do battle
    with heavily-armed bi-planes."

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    Default Re: Naomi Watts pregnant?

    Yet another Hollywood couple having a baby.....furthering the trend

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    Default Re: Naomi Watts pregnant?

    I always felt sad for Naomi after Heath split on her and right away got with Michelle Williams and she got knocked up. I hope this is the truth because Naomi is getting too old to have babies. Isn't she like 37or 38? She better get on it even though I think Liev Schrieber is ugly. His face creeped me out in Scream 3.

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