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Thread: Paris Hilton Fears For Nicole Richie

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    Default Paris Hilton Fears For Nicole Richie

    Here's how scary it is: Even Paris Hilton — yes, Paris Hilton! — is worried about Nicole Richie. "Paris has told me, 'Yes, I'm concerned about her,'" a friend of the hotel heiress tells Star. "They grew up together and she doesn't want anything terrible to happen to her!"

    And Paris isn't the only one. "Everyone has noticed her weight loss," a close friend of the skinny starlet tells Star. "But it's a subject you don't talk about with Nicole. It's not like she doesn't know what people are saying. She sees the magazine headlines — she says she's always been skinny, except right after she got out of rehab (in 2003). But that's not true. Look at pictures of her when she was 16 — she's chunky. This is not her normal weight."

    In fact, Richie, 24, looks scarily thin after losing about 30 pounds in the last year and a half. She's been partying at an alarming rate, and to cap it off, she just broke up with ex-fiancé Adam Goldstein (a.k.a. DJ AM), 32, whom she had hoped to marry in the new year.

    Strangely, the two ex-lovers were spotted on Dec. 13 — just six days after their split — in West L.A., with Nicole wearing big sunglasses and a glum expression — but went their separate ways after a a brief conversation. "They still have loose ends to tie up, like their appearances together and the property they own," a source tells Star. "It looks like Nicole is trying to see Adam as much as possible."

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    Default Re: Paris Hilton Fears For Nicole Richie

    On “Larry King Live” Nicole stated that she has no idea how much weight she lost because she doesn’t own a scale. She also said that people are forgetting that she has lost weight gradually over a 3 year period.

    It doesn’t help her that her father Lionel is making excuses for her weight loss, stress from planning her wedding.

    I’m sure Paris is concerned about Nicole. Concerned that she is getting more coverage in the tabloids than she is.
    Scariest Halloween mask ever > > >

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    Default Re: Paris Hilton Fears For Nicole Richie

    how thoughtful

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    Default Re: Paris Hilton Fears For Nicole Richie

    Because this "fear" or "concern" doesn't generate any publicity for Paris, does it?

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    Default Re: Paris Hilton Fears For Nicole Richie

    I have a feeling she was dumped because of her drug habit or that she is refusing to gain weight. I am sure that he has tried to confront her numerous times about her unsafe habits and she won't listen..... thats my two cents.

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