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Thread: Gwen Stefani Admits to Pregnancy

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    Default Gwen Stefani Admits to Pregnancy

    I heard on the radio on the way to work that at her concert last night (12/21) that she told the audience that she was pregnant. Anyone there last night, or hear it anywhere else that she actually admitted it?

    I found this @ Perez Hilton
    "I want you to sing so loud that the baby hears it," a radiant Gwen Stefani instructed the rapt crowd at the Bank Atlantic Center, just north of Miami, during the last show of her Harajuku Lovers tour.

    Those statements were the first official confirmation from Gwen herself that she is indeed sperminated!

    An emotional Stefani cried more than once during the show. "This is the end of a huge chapter for me," said the future babymomma of Mr. Gavin Rossdale. "I don't know how to feel," she added. "This is such a wierd show. I am totally relieved, but I also feel so sad."

    But sadness was nowhere present in the arena as Gwen and her tight band and troupe of dancers tore it up through every song on her solo album, plus two new tunes. From start to finish, no one sat down during the entire show, which was littered with everyone from Stefani's adoring legion of gay fans to adorably cute lil' girls as young as three or four.

    "I didn't even plan to tour, but I just wanted to hear you all singing back to my songs," confessed Gwen, who also was very appreciative for all the support from her fans, which included many "Congratulations on the Baby" posters.

    "Thank you for all your years of support," said Stefani, who patted her expanding baby belly just as she walked off the stage for the last time, leaving her fans and friends with a truly beautiful image to remember their idol. What I feel like doing at work every day.

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    Default Re: Gwen Stefani Admits to Pregnancy

    LATEST: Singer GWEN STEFANI has confirmed reports she is expecting her first child with British rocker GAVIN ROSSDALE.

    The NO DOUBT star announced her pregnancy at a gig in Florida last night (21DEC05), encouraging fans to sing along to her hit CRASH so her unborn child heard.

    She yelled, "I want you to say it loud enough so the baby hears it.

    "This is the end of a huge chapter for me."

    Stefani married BUSH guitarist Rossdale in 2002. She is reportedly due to give birth in June (06).

    Rossdale already has 16-year-old daughter, DAISY LOWE, from a fling with fashion designer PEARL LOWE - although his paternity was only confirmed last year (04).

    22/12/2005 17:17

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    Default Re: Gwen Stefani Admits to Pregnancy

    I've always liked Gwen and Gavin. Wish them the best. That is going to be a hella cute baby.
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    Default Re: Gwen Stefani Admits to Pregnancy

    Hmm... guess Jennifer Lopez is ecstatic with the news.

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