From the Tennessean/Celebrity column: Brad about You in Nashvillle, TN
Doc didn't rule out canoodling

OK, I can't stand the word "canoodling" but apparently that applied Sunday as Aussies Keith Urban who's supposed to be on vocal rest and Nicole Kidman had a cozy lunch at a country restaurant here.

To be specific, we're talking about the Country Boy Restaurant, a 65-capacity place in rustic/trendy Leiper's Fork known for its fried pies and other fabulous homemade desserts.

Spokesmen for Keith and Nicole have said the two are just friends, but restaurant server/owner's son Nolan Hay saw things differently.

"He was talking to her, rubbing on her, too. They was real close," Nolan said. "They weren't all over each other, but you could tell they were a couple."

Keith's doctors put him on total voice rest last week after finding a bruised right vocal cord. That didn't stop Keith from talking and laughing with Ms. Kidman Sunday. And Keith's publicist said yesterday he'll still do a nine-date European tour that starts tomorrow.

Nicole had a turkey sandwich (mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, no onion, please) and then decided to add some Southern flavor by sampling peas and turnip greens. Keith had a cheeseburger and cole slaw.

Nolan reported that Keith and Nicole were very nice, and Nicole was kind enough to give an autograph on an order pad to another server, 22-year-old Jennifer Fisher.

There was only one disappointment for the restaurant staff. Nicole (and Keith, for that matter) came in with a ball cap on.

Says server Nolan: "I would've liked to see her take that hair down from under that hat."

For dessert, the superstar couple headed for Maggie Moo's ice cream in Green Hills where servers were so flustered that a manager ended up answering the couple's queries.