MADONNA, EMINEM, JENNIFER LOPEZ and BRITNEY SPEARS are among a host of stars who are featured in DAVID LaCHAPELLE's forthcoming photo book ARTISTS AND PROSTITUTES.

Madonna appears as a Hindu goddess, Lopez strikes a pose reminiscent of the classic movie FLASHDANCE, while Eminem has been snapped behind a strategically-placed stick of dynamite.

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON also appears in the book, wearing a bikini reading 'Eat the Rich', while rap mogul SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS is shot as he's about to lick a gold-painted woman. Rap stars OUTKAST, meanwhile, are seen climbing through a window into a room with naked women on all fours, reports MTV News.

The limited-edition book - which also includes shots of ALICIA KEYS, CAMERON DIAZ, SARAH JESSICA PARKER, among others - is set to be released in March (06).

19/12/2005 09:47