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Thread: Mariah: "I've just wet myself..."

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    Default Mariah: "I've just wet myself..."

    Mariah makes embarrassing restaurant gaffe
    Saturday, December 17 2005, 15:02 GMT -- by Daniel Kilkelly

    Mariah Carey made an embarrassing gaffe during a recent visit
    to a French restaurant.

    A prankster pal told the singer that the French phrase,
    "Ce repas tait si excitant que je me suis fait dessus" meant,
    "That meal was wonderful, I'll have to come here again."

    Unfortunately when Mariah used her new-found French vocabulary
    to thank some waiters, she was really telling them, "That meal
    was so thrilling, I've just wet myself."

    A source told the Daily Star, "Mariah wanted to impress the waiters
    by speaking their language. But she couldn't understand why they
    looked so shocked whenever she spoke to them."

    source: digital spy

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    Default Re: Mariah: "I've just wet myself..."


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    Default Re: Mariah: "I've just wet myself..."

    I would take that as a huge compliment!
    Let's AV DIS!

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    Default Re: Mariah Carey wets herself at a restaurant

    This is hilarious !
    The whole phrase was wrong anyway, in French you don't say that a meal is "exciting". In that case, the word excitant can even have a sexual connotation...

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