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Thread: Sienna has new nanny worries?

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    Default Sienna has new nanny worries?

    Jude and Sadie safari gets Sienna in a..
    With Kiki King, Eva Simpson And Caroline Hedley
    HE can take his camera and the sunblock - but Jude Law had better leave the new nanny at home.

    The randy actor's been given the ultimatum by his on-off girlfriend Sienna Miller - who is already less than enthusiastic about his planned safari holiday with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and their kids.

    The problem is that the nanny Anya is a bit tasty, and given Jude's track record with the domestics - he bedded a previous nanny - Sienna's taking no chances.

    The 23-year-old issued her warning after partying with Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Jude, 32, who had flown into New York to accompany Sienna to the after-party for the premiere of her new movie Casanova, is due to fly to Kenya on Thursday for a Christmas break

    But Anya, who also acts as Sadie's PA, has been ordered to stay put.

    Sources tell us Sienna is desperate to ensure Jude stays out of trouble since his fling with former nanny Daisy Wright earlier this year. We're told: "Sienna was obviously relieved when Sadie hired a homely Polish woman in her 50s called Meena as Daisy's replacement. But she didn't count on Meena having a beautiful young daughter, Anya, who serves as a second nanny."

    Meena wasn't going to Africa - nor, it seems, will Anya now.

    "The affairs made Sienna paranoid and controlling," a family insider said.

    "Anya's actually much prettier than Daisy - which doesn't help. So Sadie's going to be travelling without a nanny for the first time."

    The Alfie star has also reassured Sienna that he and Sadie, 40, will be sleeping in separate huts.

    And there's an added incentive for Jude to keep his hands to himself - Sienna's dad Ed had words with him at the Casanova party.

    "I told him if he did anything like that again, I'd kill him," Ed said. Got that, Jude
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    Default Re: Sienna has new nanny worries?

    Ugh, could Sienna Miller have any LESS self esteem?

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    Default Re: Sienna has new nanny worries?

    How utterly pathetic. I hope there's a hot nanny convention right across from where they're holed up! Or that since the idiot is sending him off on holiday with the ex and NO nannies that my guess is that he'll be hitting the sack with Sadie! I hope they get back together just because this girl is such an idiot. You will never corral Jude's dick, dumbass! Live with it or move on!
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    Default Re: Sienna has new nanny worries?

    She lays down the law after she goes out partying with Leonardo. I have a feeling that Jude doesn't really care what Sienna thinks, he's probably using her as a piece of tail b/c she doesn't really have any bargaining power after the Daniel Craig affair.

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