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Thread: Luke Wilson is surrounded by transvestites

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    Default Luke Wilson is surrounded by transvestites

    Hollywood actor LUKE WILSON is having a tough time adjusting to his temporary home in New York City - because his downtown Manhattan neighbourhood is overrun with transvestites.

    Wilson is currently in the Big Apple shooting scenes for his upcoming movie SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND with UMA THURMAN, and he admits that his new surroundings become very colourful once the sun goes down.

    He says, "If you're gonna get a place, I would recommend going not only in the day and the night, but also the middle of the night.

    "I work a lot of nights and my neighbourhood turns into kind of a tranny area all night. Incredible work ethic they have - snow, rain, they're always out.

    "But probably the worst people in the world you can make eye contact with. You go by and you think, 'Is that a man or a woman? That's actually a nice figure...' and then your eyes lock. It's kind of a nightmarish MONA LISA."

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    Default Re: Luke Wilson is surrounded by transvestites

    Luke is so hot, I would love to have him in my neighborhood....
    How You Durrin ?

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    Default Re: Luke Wilson is surrounded by transvestites

    lucky trannies

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