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Thread: Lennon's ex-mistress throws party for exwife

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    Default Lennon's ex-mistress throws party for exwife

    Tomorrow night could be the rock event of all time. John Lennonís ex-mistress, May Pang, throws a party for Lennonís first wife, Cynthia, at The Cutting Room.

    Roy Orbisonís witty and smart widow, Barbara, is a guest. So is Liz Derringer, ex-wife of Rick. Cynthiaís memoir, ďJohn,Ē is a hit here in the U.S. and the UK. And Sunday, Lennon would have been 65 years old.

    Meanwhile, Yoko Ono is performing a concert this weekend in Japan, she says, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Johnís murder. There must be a language problem. Lennon was killed on the night of December 8, 1980. Sunday is his birthday. But maybe itís a Japanese custom we donít know about.

    And at last, "The Concert for Bangladesh" is coming out on DVD. It only took 34 years for a proper video. Apple Records and UNICEF will host a premiere on Oct. 19 in Burbank at the Steve Ross Theater. Ringo Starr, Billy Preston and George Harrisonís lovely widow, Olivia, are scheduled to attend.

    Hopefully, the producers have also invited Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, Jim Keltner and all the musicians and backup singers who donated their fees that day.
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    Happy 65th Birthday John Lennon!!

    Wish you were here!! Though I bet you are glad you aren't, given what your ex wife is doing. She needs to go away. Soon.

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    I totally want to crash that party. *hee*

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    I cannot believe it's been 25 years since John died. Happy Birthday John wherever you are.

    Has anyone here read May Pang's book on her relationship with John? It's very interesting and gives a view of Yoko as a crazied hooked on drugs control freak. Apparently during May's time with John she and Cynthia hit it off.

    Can't blame Cyn for coming out with a book, John didn't exactly treat her very well during his life. She might as well make some hay from it while she can.

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    I sat at the same dinner table with May Pang for some music event once. She's actually down-to-earth and fairly nice (so NOT Yoko).

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    I don't hate Cynthia for coming out with a book. I don't think she bashes John so bad in it. She says he hit her once, but also says he was young and did a stupid thing like lots of young people do. Yoko was no saint. It was pretty much widely known that she was John's drug connection, and that may have been part of her control over him. Who knows at this point?
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