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Thread: Bunch of gossips about Brad & Angelina

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    Default Bunch of gossips about Brad & Angelina

    all from lainey:

    As the whole world knows, Brad and Angie spent American Thanksgiving in Pakistan, drawing worldwide attention to the plight of those affected by the earthquake in the region earlier this year. Following their visit, Brad announced a $100,000 donation to go towards rebuilding local communities. And while their actions are certainly admirable and generous, many gossips the world over are choosing instead to comment on the fact that it looks like he is following her around like a lovesick puppy, eager to assume her life, eager to follow in her footsteps. For what it's worth, my sources are reporting that that is total rubbish. Yes. He is definitely inspired by her. And yes, he admires her efforts and what she's done for mankind. But between the two of them, within this newfound family unit, I'm hearing that his voice is just as influential as hers. She might not want to hang out with his parents or make things official, but at home, Brad's decision making with respect to the children, especially Maddox - what he should be reading, what he should watch, how he behaves, how he's punished, where he goes to school - holds equal weight with Angelina's. And this is why he's been pushing for more official status in their lives.
    More tabloid reports, also originating overseas, about the fact that the two have signed a prenup and will get married on December 1st. According to the rags, Angelina wanted to make sure her kids are taken care of and now that she's supposedly received that legal assurance, they're ready to tie the knot.

    So for what it's worth, I thought I'd share with you what I'm getting from my spies. As I hear it, it's not Angelina who's making demands and looking for a prenup, it's actually Brad. But not for money. Apparently he wants a legitimate stake in the lives of these kids. Right now, if you think about it, he's just some dude who spends a lot of time with Maddox. On paper, he's nobody. And that's where the talks have currently stalled. She's into him, they're certainly a couple, but going that one extra step is something she's taking a little bit longer with. And for those hardcore 'Brangelinaloves' out there who insist on writing to tell me that Angelina Jolie is 'a good mother and of course she wants to get married because she loves him, Lainey, and she'll do it for the kids.' May I remind you that this is a woman who walks to the beat of her own African Cambodian drum and if she's never given much thought to conventional living before, what makes you think she's going to start now?

    Anywhere, here's Brad with Madd via JJB yesterday at a California airport while mom was on UN business in DC. A very lippy spy told me recently that Madd actually prefers to stay with Dad instead of travelling with Angie because he's dealing with some neglect issues over his baby sister. One very normal, ordinary family…doncha think???
    Anyway, back to my point. Angelina is a hot piece of ass, as you can see in these photos taken from the Mr & Mrs Smith gala in Japan last night. Apparently, she and Brad are having a lovely time away from the English speaking press. I'm also told exclusively that they were able to make a top secret visit to some local toy factory and Maddox went bananas but was only allowed to pick 2 things. After they left, Brad gave instructions for several more items to be sent back to their place in Cali…which should finally answer the question about who's really in control in this family. Maddox fuh-evah!
    As for the latest on their relationship and those marriage rumours, I can tell you definitively that they are NOT getting married at George Clooney’s Italian villa on December 1st. Whether or not they are getting married at all still remains to be seen but for those of you pining for an official wedding, I’d spend your energy focusing on something else. According to Reuters, the two spent the day in Geneva today at the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees where Angie told everyone that they were on their way to Pakistan to visit those affected by the recent earthquake. Apparently Brad will be accompanying her to the consternation of his immediate family. I’ve heard from a couple of sources that while they don't begrudge the time he spends with her and the important things Angie does for mankind, they are a bit frustrated at the fact that she doesn’t seem to want to get to know them any more than on a casual basis, in sharp contrast of course to her needy predecessor who practically begged for a Pitt DNA transplant the moment she met them.

    Given that Maddox has claimed himself a father, Mother Pitt is interested also in developing a bond with her “grandchild”. And here’s where the discomfort begins. Because Angelina still isn’t sure if she wants to introduce her child to a brand new family quite yet, let alone a conventional grandmother. Now before you “Brangelinaloves” go all ape sh*t and start pounding out your hate mail…just chill for a second. And think rationally. This is a woman who has been a loner rebel her whole life. Isn’t it quite the leap to ask her to go all cookie cutter Midwest Happy Thanksgiving family dinner in the space of less than a year? One day? Maybe. But for now Mama Jolie is keeping her distance.

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    Default Re: Bunch of gossips about Brad & Angelina

    there's a video of them in japan. I haven't seen yeat, so i don't know if it's working:

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    Default Re: Bunch of gossips about Brad & Angelina

    I saw the video yesterday... they are sooooo flirty.

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    Default Re: Bunch of gossips about Brad & Angelina

    i am more attracted to angelina than brad in this clip. im worried.
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