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Thread: Patrick Swayze says lots of stuff.

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    Default Patrick Swayze says lots of stuff.

    Back in the Eighties, he was voted the sexiest man in the world and his poster adorned the walls of practically every teenage girl's bedroom. But then Hollywood's biggest box office name, and star of blockbusters such as Dirty Dancing and Ghost, turned his back on showbusiness.
    Patrick Swayze checked into a rehabilitation clinic to sort out his alcohol problems and retreated to his ranches in New Mexico and California to breed horses.

    A number of factors prompted this extraordinary lifestyle change. Swayze's drinking was threatening to destroy his marriage and he was becoming disillusioned with the hype of Hollywood.

    "Her death changed my life," says Swayze. "It was hard not to feel responsible, that I could have done something to prevent it. The longer your life goes on, the more death you face. After my father, my manager, and then my sister died, I started to feel like I was cursed.

    "I had to find something to believe in, outside of myself, to beat the guilt and blame I felt - particularly in Vicky's case. Suicide is not something I am capable of, but there are a lot of people out there who kill themselves because life can take you to some hard places and not everybody can cope with that.

    "The only thing you can do in those circumstances is to find some kind of meaning. You have to take that moment and make a promise to yourself that you will honour the spirit of the person you have lost for as long as you live. I have made my life better so Vicky's death doesn't seem quite so pointless."

    Recently, Swayze has returned to acting, but not as a leading man. He has preferred to take character roles - a drag queen and a paedophile among them - in low-budget films. He even turned down 7million to star in the 2004 sequel to Dirty Dancing.

    "I got completely fed up with that Hollywood blockbuster mentality," he says. "I couldn't take it seriously any longer."

    It has to be said that Swayze can be incredibly intense at times. Even the simplest of questions can provoke a ten-minute diatribe about the meaning of life and ends with him going off at a wild tangent. Fortunately, he has retained a certain amount of self-deprecating humour, which he uses to good effect playing an ageing lothario called Lance in his first British film, Keeping Mum.

    This quirky, low-budget black comedy, which opens this week, stars Rowan Atkinson (in serious rather than rubber-faced comic mode) as a village vicar whose wife, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, takes up with a lecherous golf instructor.

    'Difficult upbringing'

    It takes the arrival of Dame Maggie Smith's character, a woman with a gruesome secret, to sort out everyone's problems in this feel-good production.

    "The whole purpose of playing Lance was that he is a parody of some of those guys I used to play," says Patrick. "He's a real sleazeball. I loved playing him - although having to appear in one scene in nothing but a red thong was pretty intimidating."

    At 53, Patrick Swayze is in as good a shape as he was as a teenager training to be a classical dancer at the academy his mother ran in their native Texas.

    Patrick admits that he and his siblings - he has two younger brothers Don, who is also an actor, and Sean, who is a driver - had a difficult upbringing. Their mother was a ruthless woman who demanded perfection from her children.

    "I had a lot of anger because I wasn't happy with the way I had been raised," he says. "Our mother made us feel that we were never good enough. If I did anything, I had to be the best because that's what my mother expected of me. It was hard to deal with.

    "All the love we got came from our father, Jesse, a Texas state champion cowboy. He was a gentle soul, an incredibly intelligent man who could do the New York Times crossword in 15 minutes. My mother was the driven one, while he wore his heart on his sleeve. I took after my father."

    'Alcohol breeds self-pity'

    His father's death in 1982 hit Swayze particularly badly and he started drinking heavily. "Alcohol and the craft of acting is not a smart combination," he says. "You can turn yourself into an alcoholic if you start buying into the 'isn't life terrible' routine.

    "Nobody gives you a shoulder to cry on because you seem to have so much - like money and fame.

    "Alcohol breeds self-pity and I've resorted to it on and off throughout my life. But I kicked it by making other things more important.'

    The one constant has been his wife, Lisa. They have been married for 30 years. She was 14 and studying dance at Patsy Swayze's academy when they met. Patrick was 20.

    "I robbed the cradle," he says. "All these girls were studying with my mum and I used to go and check them out in their leotards - it was like being in a candy store. I was pinching girls' bottoms ever since I could walk.

    "Before I met Lisa, I was dating girls with names like Mimi or Angel who all had big Texan hair. But Lisa was different. She was very quiet and had a very wise head on young shoulders.

    "She didn't buy any of my nonsense. We spent half our dates in total silence as she wouldn't talk to me if she thought I was putting on an act.

    "I went to New York for four years and danced with ballet companies, but I couldn't stop thinking about Lisa and I couldn't figure out why I kept going back to her.

    "We were friends for a long time before we became lovers. We even lived and slept together for a year before we had sex. That wasn't easy.

    'Thinking of adopting'

    "I never took part in all that locker-room banter about sexual conquests. All those guys who say they go out every weekend looking for women usually wind up getting drunk and never ending up with anyone.

    "I had somebody real to go home to. That was more important to me than sex, even though I missed it.

    Lisa and I have a very irreverent way with each other. She's always kept my ego in check. That's not to say that being voted the world's sexiest man doesn't make you feel king for a day, but I don't think I'm God's gift to women or some kind of walking aphrodisiac.

    "I don't know what the key to a 30-year marriage is. I suppose it's about keeping love alive, learning how to fall in love over and over again, not taking each other for granted, forgiveness, trust. Whatever it is, it works for us."

    The couple don't have any children. Lisa has miscarried twice, but if it is a sadness, it is not one that her husband seems keen to discuss publicly.

    They seem to have subjugated their desire for children into the nurturing of the various animals - horses, cats, dogs, peacocks and chickens - they breed and live with at their two ranches.

    "I was born to be a dad and we have the perfect life for kids," he says, wistfully.

    "I have started taking adults into the mountains on packhorse trips. I love that ability to survive off the land and it changes these peoples' lives when they re-connect with the earth. Adults enjoy it so much, so I can only imagine what it would be like for kids.

    "We are still thinking of adopting, but you have to consider the child and not yourself. Living on a ranch teaches you a great deal about the cycle of life and, if you adopt a child, you have to be certain it is for the right reason."
    I've got to be honest, I've never really gotten this guy. Sexy? No. Cool? Definitely no. Good actor? No. Good dancer? OK. But I thought Dirty Dancing was a load of crap, as was Ghost, and I've never seen him in anything else. Now, all you millions of Dirty Dancing fans...take you r best shot!
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    Default Re: Patrick Swayze says lots of stuff.

    I loved Ghost, it still makes me cry to this day when he appears at the end with the line of angels behind him.

    And I so wanted to be Baby in Dirty Dancing!

    But I did see him on a chat show this weekend and what can I say, he's gotten old and it shows, really bad.

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    Default Re: Patrick Swayze says lots of stuff.

    He's not particularly attractive, but I liked him in "North and South", I just liked that series. And Ghost is a wonderful "what if" movie, and yes, I shed a tear each time I watch it, wishful thinking
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    Default Re: Patrick Swayze says lots of stuff.

    I would STILL do him just because he was Jonny in Dirty Dancing, he was the best, I was so jealous of baby! And in ghost, he was so sweet!
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