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Thread: Lily Allen hides in a bag

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    Red face Lily Allen hides in a bag

    Maybe it was just too long a night; maybe she didn't want to punch another photographer.

    Whatever the reason - and there can be no easy explanation - Lily Allen left a London nightclub early today carried by her friends in a large plastic bag.
    The 22-year-old pop star was dragged 50 yards down Oxford Street in a Habitat shopping bag, then bundled into a car which sped off into the night.

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    Camera-shy: Lily Allen with best friend Miquita Oliver who, along with several pals, helped lug the singer along Oxford Street in a large plastic bag

    The singer had spent the night at Soho nightclub Punk with about 10 friends. Despite being advised to rest after suffering from sinusitis and strep throat, forcing her to pull out of several European dates.
    Allen cancelled a handful of festival appearances due to her 'illness' she even posted her doctor's note online to prove it.

    The group left the club, walked about 50 yards to a building under renovation and re-emerged with Lily in the bag, thwarting waiting paparazzi.

    Those on Lily-in-a-Bag lifting duty included her best friend - and surely only a best friend would schlep a full-grown adult down Oxford Street in a bag - Miquita Oliver, a 23-year-old television presenter.

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    Girls a-lug: Lily gets a little help from her girlfriends

    Confined to such a small space, Lily was unable to show off her trademark kung fu kick, usually reserved for photographers.
    Nor was she able to throw a punch or two, a wise move given the last time she did so back in March she ended up with a police caution.
    Bundle: Lily's bundled into the back of her people carrier after avoiding the paparazzi

    This has caused a setback for Lily, daughter of actor Keith Allen, in her attempt to conquer the US music scene.
    When she arrived in Los Angeles from Australia on 8 August, US authorities revoked her visa because of the punch-up.
    A series of West Coast concerts may have to be cancelled and she has been dropped from the MTV Music Awards in Las Vegas. All of which is enough to make a rising pop star want to close her eyes and curl up inside a plastic bag.

    Bag lady: Friends carry camera-shy Lily Allen in giant bag to avoid paparazzi | the Daily Mail

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    This kid needs to grow up. The art of attention whoring.
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    omg, like that doesn't draw attention. Too bad the bag didn't break.
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    Back in the boxed wine.


    Those bags must be freaking sturdy.
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    Even though I think this girl is an idiotic twat I went ahead and downloaded a few of her songs to see if she was any good..... damn she SUCKS!!! That "Smile" song is slightly catchy, but the rest made me want to go and down a bunch of valium.

    I think maybe she's trying to sound like Skye Edwards from Morcheeba, but she fails miserably.

    She needs to stay in that plastic bag forevah.

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    WTF was she thinking...that a plastic bag being drug noisily down the street was a good place to hide. She's just greedy for attention, like most celebutards. These same types constantly whine about the paps following them. Well bitch, if you didn't do stupid stuff like get drug in a plastic bag down the street, maybe the paps would get bored with you. I know I have.

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    Not surprised she wants to hide her face, she's fugly.
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    I don't give a fuck about this girl. I, for one, will not give her attention.

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    When Lily Allen ends up dying for whatever reason, I'll sigh and shake my head and then move on.

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