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Thread: Heartbroken Kerry Katona kicks out 'cheating' husband

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    Default Heartbroken Kerry Katona kicks out 'cheating' husband

    Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona has ordered her new husband Mark Croft out of their family home following reports he cheated on her with two women.

    Reports claim the cab driver slept with a former lover in the days following their engagement and also had an affair with a second woman.

    The pair, who have been married just six months, have a five-month-old daughter Heidi.

    Her publicist Max Clifford told The Sun: "She is absolutely devastated. She's been on the phone sobbing. I really feel for her.
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    Out: Kerry has ordered her husband to leave their home following allegations of infidelity


    "Mark denied the allegations but Kerry's very upset. This must be the worst time of her life."

    Meanwhile, Kerry has refused to take a drugs test in the custody battle over her children, according to claims.

    The 26-year-old is refusing point blank laywers' requests to be tested in her battle with ex-husband Brian McFadden who is seeking full custody of their daughters Molly, five and four-year-old Lily-Sue.
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    Daughters Molly and Lily-Sue have been staying at the McFadden family home for the last month

    The ex-Atomic Kitten singer has not seen her two daughters with McFadden for over a month since she was held at knifepoint during a raid at her £1.5 million Cheshire home.

    After she and her youngest daughter were held hostage at their home, where thieves stole tens of thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and electrical equipment, Kerry checked into The Priory to seek expert help for the trauma.

    She was also being treated for bipolar disorder, a form of manic depression which she has battled for several years.

    Kerry, who has been twice named Celebrity Mum of the Year, has admitted to taking cocaine in the past and McFadden's lawyers want her to take a drugs test now to prove she is clean. But the courts cannot force parents to take the test.
    McFadden's friend told The News of the World: "Brian thinks her refusal is as clear as any test result."

    Heartbroken Kerry Katona kicks out 'cheating' husband | the Daily Mail

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    That's what I call a Rough Bird. Is her ex Brian McFadden still with Aussie singer Delta Goodrum? She was HUGE here a couple of years ago but since she went to the UK, nada.
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    If your drug-free, why not take the test and prove yourself. If you are doing drugs, the kids shouldn't be with you anyway. I think if there is a question of drugs, the judge should automatically order the test.

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