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Thread: Film director Michelangelo Antonioni dies

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    Default Film director Michelangelo Antonioni dies

    Another one of the greats is gone.

    By ALESSANDRA RIZZO, Associated Press Writer

    ROME - In Michelangelo Antonioni's movies, dialogue was sparse, shots lengthy and action minimal. This abstract style and a ruthless exploration of the malaise of modern man made the Italian director a darling of avant-garde cinema and a celebrated filmmaker across the world.

    Antonioni died at 94 in his home, officials said Tuesday, after a career that spanned six decades, an Oscar for lifetime achievement and movies that have become classics such as "L'Avventura," "Blow-Up" and "Zabriskie Point."

    Film director Antonioni dies at 94 - Yahoo! News

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    Oh, no.

    First Bergman, then Antonioni....strange....

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    Wow just wow! Another great one.
    Rest in peace.

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    We were lucky to be able to share a little in the gifts from their works. RIP and thanks
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