11-21-2005- Demi Moore spotted at the Ivy

Leave it to the adorably sexy readers of The Superficial to provide wondrous tales of celebrities being every bit as spectacular as we all know they are. After getting spotted by reader Arin at the Ivy, Demi Moore started faking a Spanish accent to throw him off.

The woman fakes an accent to fool fans into thinking it's not her. It was absolutely hysterical. My friend and I frequent the Ivy and we noticed Demi Moore was sitting on the patio, in the corner, with her back to other diners. We were waiting for our table, when all of a sudden, they start clearing the table right next to her and call us over. She was speaking normally right up until she caught me and my friend staring at her a couple of times and began to fake a terrible Spanish accent, yet she continued to talk about movie roles and planning to read a script with Ashton at 7 o'clock the next night. The waiter confirmed it was her, but the accent was meant to throw us off. She was with a random dude driving an old Chrysler. I see celebrities there allll the time, but this time was too weird to not tell you guys about.

Maybe somebody should tap Demi on the shoulder and let her know that every crazy thing she sees on I Love Lucy doesn't actually work. At least she didn't tape a mustache to her face and pretend she was Demi Moore's twin brother.