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Thread: Howard K Stern Wins Court Order Over Anna Nicole Estate Battle.

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    Default Howard K Stern Wins Court Order Over Anna Nicole Estate Battle.

    The former lover of Anna Nicole Smith - Howard K. Stern has been given permission to file trespassing and contempt charges against the developer who attempted to evict him and the late Anna Nicole from their home in The Bahamas.

    A local judge has given Stern permission to take G. Ben Thompson to court, according to reports.

    Stern claims he has been vilified in the media as a “squatter” by the South Carolina developer and his lawyer, Godfrey Pinder.

    He also claims Thompson entered the grounds of the Horizons property when court injunctions were in place protecting Smith against such intrusions.

    At the time, Thompson was suing Anna Nicole for the title to the home he claims he sold her. Two Bahamas judges issued injunctions banning anyone from entering the property to disturb the former reality TV star until the lawsuit over ownership was settled, according to investigator Harris’ website.

    According to the new order granted to Stern, he can apply for “an Order of Committal,” or contempt, against Thompson and Pinder.

    Harris reports one injunction was issued last autumn last year, when Thompson allegedly cut the electricity off at the property.

    Stern won a second injunction the day after Smith’s death in February this year, when Thompson’s son-in-law went into the house to remove computers and other property “for safekeeping,” and later turned some of the items over to police.


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    ok Alice..where is your venomous anti-HKS post? I need a good laugh and need some of your HKS hate to entertain me!!!

    *You just KNOW he killed her ya just..well..KNOW!!! Bastard!!!*
    Don't slap me, cause I'm not in the mood!

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    Here Sojiita - this'll cheer you up til Alice gets back... - Anna Nicole Smith Murdered by Howard K. Stern?

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    Am I the only person ready for this man to go away into permanent anonyminity??

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    Quote Originally Posted by cataroo View Post
    Am I the only person ready for this man to go away into permanent anonyminity??
    He's not going anywhere as long as he thinks there's some money to be made.

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